Giant Laser Tracker Evaluation Device

Giant Ball Bar on Tripod
Giant Ball Bar on Tripod

The Laser Tracker has become an alternative for evaluating very large Coordinate Measuring Machines. This Giant Invar Ball Bar (Dumbbell) provides the means for making an ANSI- B89.4.1-1997 evaluation of Laser Trackers. The Giant Invar device used for this application has a magnetically preloaded, Three Ball Kinematic Coupling mounted on each of the end bulkheads. To make the evaluation, a spherical corner cube or cats eye is placed in the first Three Ball Kinematic Coupling and a reading is taken.

The corner cube or cats eye is then moved to the second Three Ball Kinematic Coupling and another reading is taken. This pattern is repeated in each of the 20 to 35 ANSI positions. As the dimension from center to center of the two Three Ball Kinematic Couplings is absolutely fixed, any deviations in length measured are errors in the performance of the Laser Tracker System.

Modular Design

The modular design of the Giant Ball Bar (Dumbbell) allows for construction of any length structure by simply using that length of Invar tubing. This unique feature adds a great deal of versatility and economy to the Giant Ball Bar (Dumbbell). The same component parts can be assembled with different lengths of Invar tubing to form, a family of different length Giant Ball Bar (Dumbbell)s.

The support mechanism used for the Giant Ball Bar (Dumbbell) must have the same basic qualities as the Ball Bar (Dumbbell) itself. To do this, we have devised tripod assemblies based on the same basic structure as the Giant Ball Bar (Dumbbell) itself. Because of this light weight tubular Invar construction the tripods can be easily dismantled for transportation and storage. At the same time they are very rigid and manifest the extreme temperature stability characteristic of low expansion rate of the Invar.

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