Caliper Calibration

This combination Caliper, calibrator, inspector training tool and inspector qualification tool is fast and extremely accurate.

This same tool will perform these same functions for a zero to six inch depth micrometer ( 6”, 15.24 cm ) , and with the addition of the six inch extension, a twelve inch (12”,  30.48 cm ) depth micrometers can be calibrated.

The entire device can be certified with direct traceability to N.I.S.T. A long form certification can be supplied when requested at the time of purchase and periodic N.I.S.T. traceable certification can be supplied.

An important feature of this device is that standard one inch increments ( 2.54 cm ) are avoided. This is particularly important when this tool is used for inspector qualification.

The oldest form of Precision Calipers is the Vernier Caliper.

The main error of these older tools is the geometry of the tool, especially the jaws and the spacing of the divisions.

The dial caliper is in wide use today. It has two gears and a gear rack that determines the accuracy and the regularity of the readout.  Geometry errors may occur in the jaws.

The latest addition to the caliper family is the electronic caliper.

The accuracy of this tool is dependant on the quality of an electromagnetic scale, and the errors in the geometrics especially the jaws.

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