Depth Micrometer Calibration

This combination depth micrometer calibrator, inspector training tool and inspector qualification tool is fast and extremely accurate. This device is also excellent for calibrating, training, and qualification of caliper gage users. The basic device will calibrate from one inch to six inch depth micrometer ( 2.54 cm to 15.24 cm ). The part number of this device is DM-1-6. There is a 6 inch tall riser available that extends the calibration range to 12 inches ( 30.48 cm ).

The entire device can be certified with direct traceability to N.I.S.T. Standard one inch increments are avoided when this tool is used for inspector qualification. The three most common depth micrometer errors are errors in the squareness of the measuring tip to the base of the micrometer, drunkenness of the screw of the micrometer, and lead errors.

This device will evaluate each one of these errors. With the influx of imported inspection products, it has become imperative that these three qualities and the overall accuracy of the dimensional readout of all measuring gages be certified with NIST traceability.

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