The Device Positioners ( PAL-1 )

Device Positioner

The Device Positioners are the mainstays of the modular fixture building system. They hold the location components and rigidly position them in exactly the right place on the Coordinate Measuring Machine table or pallet. They bridge the gaps between the threaded tie down inserts on Coordinate Measuring Machine tables or the distance between the Tee-Slots on the C.M.M. pallets.

In addition to their use as fixed location devices, they are easy to swing away after the test part has been clamped, to provide better measuring access. They come in two basic configurations. One or the other of these two designs will firmly hold every one of the location devices.

Two Location Points + A Clamp = Triple Packing Density

For higher packing density, the two vertical counter-bores and two M10 in the one end are spaced so that a short flat button and a longer cylindrical pin can both be mounted side by side. By resting the lower test part surface on top of the short flat button and the side of the port against the longer cylindrical pin, two degrees of test part freedom are restricted.

In addition a three quarter inch (1.9 cm) close clamp arm (Part #50260) can be installed on the longer cylindrical pin above the test part to act as a clamping device. The horizontal counter-bore in the end of the device is often used to hold a sphere or a flat button for low profile location.

The end of the device postioners with the vertical location configurations are rounded off so that they will fit into more densely packed patterns. The device positioners have a one inch (2.54 cm) square cross section and they come in three standard lengths. The shortest is four and one half inches (11.4 cm) long. The medium one is six inches (15.2 cm) long and the longest is eight inches (20.3 cm) long.

Three pieces of each length and of each of the configuration comprise a full set of 18 device positioners (Part #40270). (see table for individual part numbers) These device positioners are machined from aircraft quality aluminum alloy. This high strength aluminum alloy is heat treated to develop maximum physical properties. The light weight of these aluminum parts is important because they are quite large and many of them are typically used on a single modular fixture.

These devices are usually held in place by an M10 socket head cap screw (Part #60120). This cap screw is located in a recessed channel machined down the length of the part. This design leaves the top surface of the positioner clear of any obstructions.

A special keyed washer (Part #70020) is used under this cap screw to prevent the cap screw's rotation from wearing the bottom surface of the recessed channel. A "lock out pin" is installed in the socket head of these cap screws. This "lock out pin" requires the use of a special low torque wrench (Part #80030) which will prevent over tightening.

Please note: A very special set of dual threaded adapter screws, (see C.M.M. Technical Data Sheet #14. Table #2.) are available to secure the Device Positioners to the table of any C.M.M. or to competitors pallet systems. The dual threaded adapters have a short threaded section on one end. This short section comes in a wide variety of thread sizes to match any machine table or pallet system. The other end has a one and one half inch (3.8 cm) long section of M10 &zimes; 1.5 thread. For this application our standard threaded hand knob (Part #80010), with a hardened steel washer (Part #70010), to prevent galling, is screwed down onto this longer threaded section to rigidly hold down the device positioner.

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