The Double Adjustable Screw Stop Post

Double Adjustable Screw Stop Post

This device (Part #40300) has two horizontal M10 × 1.5 threaded holes threaded through the one and one eighth inch ( 1 1/8", 1.125", 2.9 cm ) diameter body of the part. The lower M10 × 1.5 screw is three quarters of an inch ( 3/4", 0.75", 1.9 cm ) above the base and the upper one is one and five eighths of an inch ( 1 5/8", 1.625", 4.12 cm) above the base. The overall height of the device is two inches ( 2.0", 5 cm) tall. The Double Adjustable Screw Stop Post comes in six piece sets (Part #40310).

A two inch ( 2.0", 5 cm) long adjustable stop screw (Part #60150) is provided. It has an accurately machined spherical end. This screw is supplied
with a course knurled Jam-Nut (Part #20050), so that the final settings can be locked in place by hand tightening. These spherical ended screws find many other applications with components such as the Precision Jacks, Bar-Hold-Down Clamps and Cylindrical Risers. Extra screws (Part #60150) and Jam Nuts (Part #20050) can be purchased separately.

The post is located by our standard one half inch (1/2", 0.5", 1.27 cm) diameter precision boss and is held in place with a #10-32 socket head cap screw. In addition to its use as a precision stop, the Double Adjustable Post makes an excellent clamping device.

See also, "The Short Adjustable Screw Stop Post."

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