Epoxy Glue, EG3000

Epoxy Glue

Assembling the individual kinematic components into a completed coupling is usually done by securing them in position with a high strength epoxy glue. These high strength industrial quality glues are usually packaged in very large volumes that are not at all practical for small projects. For mixing industrial glues, the proportions of catalyst to polymer is quite small, so the mixtures are critical and must be carefully weighed out.

Epoxy glue is not compatible with water even when it is fully cured. Keep the layer of glue between the kinematic component and the platform as thin and uniform as possible. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove any surplus glue from around the kinematic components while the glue is still liquid. This will limit the exposure of the glue line to the atmosphere, reducing moisture absorption.

We no longer sell our special epoxy glue.

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