Gleason Research Library

Our technical research library contains a huge collection of books related to precision engineering. There are over 5000 books on the material sciences alone, including, metallurgy, metallographic etchants, ceramics, plastics technology and construction materials. This part of our book collection includes the personal library of Dr. Jack Medoff, my former metallurgy professor, R.I.P. A key area of interest for our company is the science of hardness testing. We have collected every book, paper and specification on hardness evaluation that we have been able to get out hands on right up to the proceedings of the latest NIST conference on hardness testing. Our Technical Library includes a large section of books on precision engineering, including the proceedings of the American Society of Precision Engineering (ASPE) conferences and all of the Precision Engineering Journals.

This large collection of functional books is backed up by a substantial array of texts on the basic sciences of chemistry, physics, electrical engineering and mathematics. We have a good collection of books on optical instruments, optical technology and optical shop practices, including Deve and Twimin. We have a first edition copy of Lord Kelvin's Baltimore lectures. We have a large collection of books on celestial navigation, particularly with regards to the instruments used. We have a copy of the limited edition of the "1926 Survey of the Worlds Astralabs." We have a large collection of books related to surveying particularly with regards to the instruments that are used.

Our collection of books on dimensional inspection takes a large section of the library. It covers everything from surface texture, including the works of Indge, to the accurate measurements of very long dimensions. We have one of the six copies of the British, 1864 inter comparison of length standards from around the world. The Axis of rotation, of spheres, cylinders and cones is well covered with an array of books, technical papers and manuals.

We have a large section of books related to the axis of rotation of spindles. We have an array of books on bearings and bearing metrology for antifriction, gas and fluid film bearings. This area of the library contains our large selection of books on Tribology, which supports our work in kinematics. A major place in the library is held by books on manufacturing technology. We have everything from the first text book of the Ford Trade School to the latest Machinist Hand book. This array of books on manufacturing technology covers everything from the operation of manual lathes and milling machines, to a first edition copy of Dr. Swigarts, "Story of Super Finish" and the books published by the Moore Tool Co.

To increase the capacity of our main library, we have installed four more three foot by seven foot book shelves. This will increase the accessible capacity of the main library by 640 volumes. If you have any books that would fit into our library, and you are looking for a safe home for them; Please contact me personally at (323) 582-7348, I might be interested in buying them. Gene Gleason

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