Guiding Kinematic Couplings

Providing accurate guidance for coupling the two sections of a Kinematic system together can be an important feature in certain applications. It is rather obvious that the dimensionally larger the platforms are, the more difficult it will be to place them in line with each other on the Kinematic axii. Accurately guiding the two platforms into Kinematic contact can be a very important feature when the surfaces of the high quality component parts would otherwise make oblique contact with abutments that would severely damage them.

Guiding the two platforms is made more difficult by the fact that there isn’t much clearance between the two platforms when the two systems make full contact. This means that there isn’t much room between the platforms to place guidance devices.

Conical Rings

Conical rings with very flat angles that are made of plastic can be fitted to the outside diameter of the three Vee Blocks when using the Maxwell Kinematic system, but this is only a marginal improvement. See Figure #1.

Guiding Vee Block
Figure #1., Vee Block


The best, reasonably simple guidance arrangement, is to mount two or three vertical wings on the sides of the lower platform, which will guide the upper platform into the proper two dimensional positions, mating with the matching Kinematic couplings. See Figure #2.

Guild Kinematic Couplings, Figure 2
Figure #2.
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