Kalisphere Used for C.M.M. Probe Calibration

By combining an off the shelf Kalisphere that has a highly polished sphere, part number KS-750-PF, instead of the normal satin finish; and a two by two block, part number (BLK-2), an adjustable probe calibration sphere results. (see figure #1) The standard M10-1.5 thread in the base of the probe extension can be adapted to any other thread, through our broad array of dual threaded adaptor screws. See Figure #2.

This combination can be clamped directly to the C.M.M. table, or it can be elevated above the table on a three inch tall (P-EP-3) or a six inch tall (P-EP-6) probe sphere extension. Two of these extensions can be screwed together to achieve even greater heights. A kalisphere can be mounted directly on one of the three facets of the Tri-mount collar used with our Heavy Duty Stand or it can be attached to an Anchor. See Figure #3.

Several of these Kalispheres with highly polished stainless steel balls can be mounted along a diagonal on the C.M.M. table at different heights and positions for checking the temperature drift effect, (see A.N.S.I B89.4.1- 1997 for details.) By measuring the absolute X-Y-Z position of each of a number of Kalispheres (the more the better) every hour throughout the working day, the effect of temperature change on the machines performance can be evaluated, per ANSI B89.4.1-1997.

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