Optical Calibration Ball

Satin Finished Balls
Satin Finished Balls

The spherical shape, a ball, forms the ultimate optical calibration device. A ball is the only geometric form that has a single defining characteristic. This one and only feature is the radius of the ball. Like everything in life, nothing is free. The typical surface of a high quality ball has a high spectral reflectivity. It is very shiny. Unfortunately, shiny objects are not good targets for purposes of optical metrology. What is needed is a satin finished object with little or no spectral reflectivity. A peculiarity of nature comes to our rescue in form of the element titanium. The crystallographic structure of almost all metals forms a cube, but titanium forms a hexagonal structure. For this reason, the metal titanium can be electro mechanically processed to produce an extremely accurate geometry with a perfect satin finish ( without any spectral reflectivity ). These satin finished balls can be assembled to form calibration artifacts. Typical examples of the artifacts are: ball bars ( dumbbells, ball plates and simple pretzels ). Call our order desk at 800-322-5832 for price and delivery of "off the shelf" or custom made satin finished titanium balls.

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