Over the Top

Over the Top, Kinematic Coupling
Over the Top, Kinematic Coupling
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Over The Top is a technique used to slim down the proportions of the very large balls that must be used on big heavy kinematic assemblies. The Two Ball Kinematic Coupling is used when it is necessary to accommodate gross, multiaxis, misalignment between two elements of a kinematic system and still achieve the highest quality coupling. The multi axis curve of a spherical surface is special in that all points on the surface have a common center of origin. By manufacturing two narrow steel disks with a large spherical radius on one edge of each and placing them adjacent to each other, but with a slight separation, a Two Ball Kinematic Coupling of giant proportions is generated. A cylinder or a sphere for that matter will find two points of normalcy some where between the two spherical surfaces. These two points of positive contact will constrain two degrees of freedom and without any clamping distortion. Amazingly a simple Two Ball Kinematic mount provides for full self-alignment in four directions of movement.

This device may be magnetically preloaded by simply sandwiching a magnet or magnets in the gap between the two spherical disks. There is a great diversity of techniques that can be used for joining together the disks and the platform for various applications of this device. For this reason, each application of Over The Top is so unique that the physical hardware must be custom designed and manufactured for each application. There are no components of this innovative design available off the shelf. With the large array of spherical lapping tools that we maintain, a fast delivery of these custom-made components can be assured.

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