Radiation Hardened Kinematic Systems

The number one edict for coping with radiation is, "do not use organics of any kind." The main implication here is that the kinematic components cannot be glued in place, which is a very common practice in a conventional environment. The simple alternative to glue is the use of a threaded fastener, i.e. screws. Any configuration of kinematic component can be threaded, or they can have a hole drilled through, so that they can be clamped down to the platform with a threaded fastener.

For the most part, kinematic components made of alloy steel will work, and parts made of tungsten carbide will work better. In extreme radiation situations, Stellite® alloy* metal may be required. When Stellite® is required, extra time must be allowed for procurement of the raw material. All Stellite® parts are custom made, therefore, they are considerably more expensive than conventional materials.

*Note, due to recent concerns about induced radioactivity creating Cobalt-60, a radioisotope, the nuclear industry is seeking a replacement to Stellite®.

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