Silicon Nitride Balls

Silicon Nitride, Si3 N4, ceramic has become the standard ceramic ball material for hybrid Ball Bearings. This material is very hard, over 2000 Knoop, and very wear resistant. The weight of silicon nitride balls in only 40% of steel at 3.2 grams per CM^3. This material is hot isostatic pressed from 1 to 3 micro powder.

This material has excellent facture toughness even at elevated temperature. Ball quality as good as AFBMA Grade 5 can be achieved on this material. We stock many of the English sizes up to 1 inch diameter and some of the common metric sizes. We will custom manufacture silicon nitride balls in any diameter that we can obtain blanks for. We maintain complete facilities to modify silicon nitride ceramic balls with flats, holes or other details. Silicon nitride has excellent dielectric properties and extremely high resistivity ( insulating properties ).

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