The Care and Grooming of Spherical Gages

Precision Spheres are the ultimate three dimensional artifact for precise evaluation of measuring devices.

Needless to say the first requirement is that the master sphere be of the highest quality.

Probe Characterization Sphere

Even the finest commercial balls are produced en masse which leaves many small scuffs and dings.  Our precision and Ultra Precision spheres are processed and packaged individually leaving a gage quality surface.

For top performance the surface of the sphere must be absolutely clean.  After removing any oily residue with tissue paper of a soft cloth the remaining contamination will be lint.

The good electrical conductivity of our stainless steel spheres will quickly discharge any lint holding static electricity, built up while removing the oily residue.  This is not true for ceramics, glass, or sapphire spheres where it is almost impossible to get rid of the static charge.  A simple puff of air will remove any lint from the dry surface of our stainless steel spheres.


Although our spheres are made of high chrome high carbon stainless steel they can be tarnished or even rusted from long term exposure to deposits of salts and acids lift by human contact.

When not in use, a light coat of oil should be applied to the sphere by rubbing the entire surface with the soft oil impregnated cloth supplied with our products.

After use the cloth should be returned to its hermetically-sealed pouch.

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