The M 10 X 1.5 Threaded Device Positioners

Threaded Device Positioner

The first design is used to hold those fixture building components that have M10 X 1.5 threads. They have two M10 X 1.5 threaded holes vertically through the thickness on one end of the positioner and one horizontally through the opposite end. In addition to their function as location positioning devices, these M10 threaded components make excellent screw clamping devices, for either vertical or horizontal applications. To use them as a screw clamping device, the proper length of M10 X1.5 Threaded Aluminum Stud is screwed through either the vertical or the horizontal threaded hole. A universal clamping tip (Part #50220) is attached to the contact end of the Threaded Aluminum Stud. An M10 X 1.5 coarse knurled Jam-Nut (Part #20050) can be finger tightened to lock the threaded stud in position. The height and position of this screw clamp is arranged by attaching it to other fixture building components.

Device Positioners — M 10 X 1.5 Threaded Design

Part Number Length
40190 4 1/2" ( 11.4 cm )
40200 6" ( 15.2 cm )
40210 8" (20.3 cm)

The 1/2 Inch Counter-Bore Device Positioners

Threaded Device Positioner

The second design is used to hold these location devices that have the heavy duty, one half inch (1.27 cm) diameter boss and a #10-32 hold down thread. At one end they have two, one half inch (1.27 cm) diameter vertical counter bores on the top face. There is a clearance hole for a #10-32 screw going through the center of the counter bores to tie down the mating device. Therc'ls a single horizontal one half inch (1.27 cm) diameter counter-bore in the opposite end. This counter bore has a #10-32 threaded hole in the bottom to tie down the location device.

Part Number Length
40230 4 1/2" (11.4 cm)
40240 6" (15.2 cm)
40250 8" (20.3 cm)

Nine Piece Set - 3 of each of 1/2" C.B. PART #40260 The Full 18 Piece Set of Device Positioners ( PART #40270 ) Consistes of 3 pieces of each Length and of each design

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