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The most frequent impact test hammer is a precision mild steel ball. The ball is held at a specific elevation by an electromagnet. The high magnetic permeability of this low carbon mild steel provides good magnetic holding power. When the electricity used to excite the magnet is turned off, the ball drops, imparting an exact foot pound force on the test specimen. Different weight balls are used to test everything from eye glass lenses to automobile bumpers.

Cylindricised Sphere / Cylindricized Sphere
Drop Test Ball
Drop Test Ball with Eye Bolt

In addition to the weight of the hammer, there may be a need for a specific radius on the end of the hammer. When the desired weight and the required radius don’t coincide, a cylinderized sphere may be required. For these designs, we end up with a cylinder that has a specific radius, hemispherical, or near hemispherical end. These special designs can get very heavy, and they will need to be equipped with an eye bolt to raise and to release them.

The two most frequently ordered hammers are the DT-5, which is a five pound (2.268kg) ball that is a little over three inches in diameter, and the DT-10, which is a ten pound (4.536kg) ball that is a little over four inches in diameter.

Drop Test Ball
Drop Test Balls

For other requirements, we may be able to supply the drop test balls from stock or we will custom produce the exact ball that you require.

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