The Finger Knob

Finger Knob
Finger Knob

The Finger Knob (Part #50340) is 3/4 inch (0.75", 1.9 cm) diameter by two inches (2.0", 5.1 cm) long. It is usually sold in 6 piece sets (Part #50350), The entire two inch (5.1 cm) length of the part has a coarse straight knurl to provide maximum gripping. It is drilled and threaded for an M10 × 1.5 thread. This finger knob is used to rotate threaded aluminum studs for clamping applications.

It is provided with a short M10 × 1.5 set screw (Part#60140) that can be used behind the threaded aluminum stud to lock it into the knob. The finger knob is made of aircraft quality aluminum alloy for high strength and light weight.

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