The ½ Inch Counter Bored Adaptor

Half Inch Counter Bored Adaptor

The one half inch (1.3 cm) counter bored adaptor is (Part #20010). They are usually sold in sets of six pieces (Part #20020). Any of the components using the high load carrying, one half inch (1.3 cm) diameter joint are made compatible with M10 × 1.5 threads through this one half inch counter bored adaptor. This device has an M10 × 1.5 threaded hole on one side and a one half inch (1.3 cm) diameter counter­bore, with a #10-32 clamp down thread in the bottom of the other.

The counter-bored adaptor is solidly clamped to the other fixture building devices through the M10 × 1.5 threaded hole on the back side. It has a coarse knurl on the top half of the outside diameter so it can be rigidly clamped to the mating part by hand tightening. The adaptor is one and one eighth of an inch ( 1 ⅛", 1.125", 2.9 cm) in diameter and one inch (2.54 cm) tall. It is made of type 18-8 alloy stainless steel, so it will not rust.

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