Lubricant for Centers — Center Lubricant — Grinding Lubricant for Centers

When cylindrically grinding parts “on center”, the conical or spherical bearing surfaces, in each end of the shaft, that the part rotates on, requires lubrication, with a high viscosity, extreme pressure lubricant.

Our centerlube has long been the first choice, for this job, when high quality ground parts are required. This oil is packaged in small xxx ounce container with a built in applicator, for use, right at the grinding machine. The part number for this product is CNTR-LUB.

The material for this product is a very highly chlorinated 40% paraffine based oil, that has been cracked from a tar like mass to yield an SAE 60 weight oil. This high viscosity is perfect for use as a center lubricant.

This extreme pressure lubricant is able to maintain an extremely thin layer of lubricant, between the fixed and rotating centers that provides a perfect axis of rotation, on properly lapped centers.

Using this lubricant the part being ground will end up round within micro-inches. This oil prevents galling and reduces wear to nearly zero!

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