Machinery Updates

We have converted our tool room facilities over to full blown CNC turning and machining centers. This effort has been an outstanding success. Output is up over 40%, and the quality and uniformity have improved.

With over 500 machines of every description, you would think that is enough; but to meet our customers' ever changing needs, we just keep adding more.

  • A four axis spherical grinder with a 40 inch capacity
  • A five axis ceramic machining center
  • Two new Haas vertical machining centers
  • Three new Haas turning centers
  • A new 10 by 30 inch surface grinder
  • A #3 Moore jig grinder
  • Three more Agie EDM die sinkers
  • An Agie CNC fast hole drill

We are adding six more ball grinding machines to the 47 now in our ball department. This will increase our off the shelf deliveries. We have almost completed a 23 machine "stand by" ball grinding department. This reserve capacity will be used to reduce delays caused by surges in orders, which has always plagued us.

Our ultra precise department now has its own Talyrond inside of the facility, to reduce bottlenecks in the main lab. We have been forced to move all surface grinding and all cylindrical operations from the Huntington Park plant into the main plant on East Slauson Ave. We have added Solidworks™ drawing files to the Kinematic Components Catalog 105B. We expect these changes to improve service and to help us hold the lid on costs.

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