Round Gage Anvil— Gage Anvils— Hard Steel Gage Anvil

You can pay $800.00, for a poor quality rectangular anvil, or you can buy an extremely high quality plain cylindrical anvil for $86.00. The material used to produce, these two inch (78.74mm) diameter, 1 1/8 inches (28.575mm) tall anvils is a vacuum melted, chrome alloy steel, that is hardened to 62 HRC. There is a one quarter inch twenty threaded hole in the base, that is used to hold the anvil down, on its flat lower surface. This flat lower, location, surface is lapped flat within less than one light band (11 microinches) [300 nanometers] and parallel to the top surface within less than two light bands, twenty microinches, (0.5 micrometers). This lower location surface has a shallow counter bore in the center and a shallow recess in the remaining land, to assure prefect seating, even on poor mating surface.

The flat upper working surface is lapped perfectly flat, or up to one light band (11 microinches) [300 nanometers] convex but with zero minus or concavity. The top and bottom surfaces are lapped parallel within less than two light bands (22 micro inches) [one half micron]. Part number AN-2-P version has a solid flat working surface and Plate A. Part number AN-2-S version has a series of annular groves that provide serrations to break up an air or oil film between the part to be measured and the anvil. A serrated anvil is required when measuring flat parallel parts.

By rotating the anvil to new positions, the anvil will function for a long time between reconditioning. For anvil reconditioning, we offer Cast Iron Lapping plates in three  different 8 inch diameter Part# LAP-8-GR (top and bottom ground), LAP-8-SGR (top ground, bottom serrated and ground), and LAP-8-SLP (top ground, bottom serrated and lapped), and three different 12 inch diameter versions Part# LAP-12-GR, LAP-12-SGR, and LAP-12 SLP, and three different 14 inch diameter versions Part# LAP-14-GR, LAP-14-SGR, and LAP-14-SLP along with 3 micron diamond lapping compound so that you can recondition your gage anvils in house.

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