The Gage Block Clamp

Gage Block Clamp
Part # GC-2 Gage Block Clamp
Gage Block
A Commonly Used 3" ( 76.2 mm ) and 4" ( 76.2 mm ) Gage Block

The Ball Bar is such an outstanding device for C.M.M. evaluation that we often ignore the ANSI B89.4.1 requirement that a gage block must also be measured for a complete calibration (evaluation). Now you can use your own gage blocks. The problem of how to hold the gage block and how to present the gage block in various locations is solved by using our “Gage Block Clamp,” Part # GC-2.

The old technique of using two separate stands, one to hold the gage blocks and one to hold the Ball Bar, was cumbersome and expensive. The Gage Block Clamp solves this problem in a very compact and inexpensive way. The design of the Gage Bock Clamp consists of a rigid block of metal that is machined to hold two gage blocks simultaneously. The two gage blocks used are usually three inches ( 3.0”, 76.2 mm) and four inches long ( 4.0”, 101.2 mm).

Each gage block is held in position by two thumb screws. This Gage Block clamp is universal in that it will hold either standard rectangle or square gage blocks. To add even more versatility and economy to this device, a pair of adjustable ball bar balls (Part # ABB-PB-10) may be attached, one to the end of the Gage Block Clamp, and one to the end of the Adjustable Ball Bar on the opposite end. This will turn the Ball Bar Clamp into a fully functioning Ball Bar.

Suggested Configuration

Our standard 200 mm length Adjustable Ball Bar system can be used as the handle for the Gage Block Clamp (sold separately). This bar can be held in our Single Ball Bar Clamp mounted on one face of the Tri-mount Collar, also mounted on the Freestanding Ball Bar Stand (sold separately). The Gage Block Clamp can be integrated into our standard Ball Bar parts and accessories. Shown below is a Small Ball Bar Clamp (FS-1BB) holding an Adjustable Ball Bar, onto which the Gage Block Clamp has been attached (in yellow). These pieces are sold separately.

Up close holding two gage blocks
Our Gage Block Clamp (yellow) holding two Gage Blocks, attached to a Ball Bar
FS1BB Holding Gage Block Clamp and Ball Bar
Small Ball Bar Clamp holding an Adjustable Ball Bar with attached Gage Block Clamp

Gage Block Clamp Component Pricing

Part # Description Price Purchase
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