Miniature Balls

As the name implies, miniature balls are smaller than 3/16" diameter are considered miniature. Miniature balls are produced by totally different methods than commercial bearing balls. These processes are so totally unique that during World War II, the Allies were unable to master the process. All of the miniature balls made by the Allies were made by grinding down conventionally produced commercial balls to the small diameters required.

Chrome alloy steel and type 440C hard stainless steel are the generally used materials in commercial balls. Following our niche marketing philosophy, we produce miniature balls from almost any material, including: aluminum, copper, brass, 300 series stainless steel, tungsten carbide, tantalum and titanium. The best way to view our available stock of miniature balls is to use the search function in the shopping cart program. Enter the desired size as a decimal number with a leading 0. For example, to find ¼ inch balls, search for "0.25".

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