Sub Miniature Balls

Sub miniature balls are really small balls that are under one millimeter ( 0.040 inches ) in diameter. Many of these balls are used in applications outside of the bearing industry. Very often, the material chosen is a special alloy or one of the pure elements. Materials such as tantalum, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass or tungsten carbide ( TC ) are commonly used in medical and scientific devices.

When balls get very small, the area or volume of the ball goes down so fast, with small reductions in diameter, that it is hard to believe. A 0.012 inch ( .3 mm ) diameter ball appears to be twice the size of a 0.010 inch ( .25 mm ) diameter ball. At about 0.010 inch diameter, you can no longer see a single ball with the naked eye.

The best way to view our available stock of sub miniature balls is to use the search function in the shopping cart program. Enter the desired size as a decimal number with a leading 0. For example, to find 1/4 inch balls, search for "0.25".

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